In today’s world where many demands are made on each one of us, where we tend to feel overwhelmed and where you may not be appreciated for the work you do, several times during the day , you need to allow the Fool in you to emerge.
The Fool in each one of us delights in breaking the rules to live in freedom and have fun. Most of the day we live under the control of the mind: we are serious ,we reason out everything, we follow customs and conventions and we badly need to fit in where we are. There are times when you have to let go: not take everything so seriously and see humour in life’s absurdities. You look on the brighter side of life by laughing at the world around you and at what happens to you. The Fool in you is revealed and links you to your childhood spontaneity and creativity. You are alive, spontaneous and you live in the moment and you experience great fun. You enjoy life for its own sake no longer acting to fit in and please others. This is your true self you do things that you would not do when the mind is in full control. Many of us find ourselves admitting : ” I did things I would never have done in my right mind.” Those around us takes us to be crazy. You laugh wildly and loudly, you joke with even strangers and safely get away from violating the conventions of your time by lacing your words and actions with humour. Laughter releases the ‘feel good’ factors in your blood explaining why you feel so good after a belly laugh. They say that : ” Laughter is the best medicine.”  Those who take a daily dose of good belly laughs add some years to their lives. The doctors even advise us to fake a good laugh for the brain cannot tell the difference between genuine laughter and fake laughter. The brain just releases the natural ‘feel good ‘ factors into your blood. These feel good factors reduce both stress and anxiety,strengthen our immune systems thus keeping us healthy.
We all have strengths and flaws and we make mistakes therefore we should not take ourselves too seriously all the time.
You need time to yourself to learn to laugh at yourself and when others laugh at you , you laugh with them. Finding drama in the most negative parts of your life keeps you hopeful in the gloom and darkness. After laughing at yourself, you begin at a new level and you accept life as a gift that has to be enjoyed. A good sense of humor can help you diffuse arguments or overcome boredom.
A good laugh and a genuine smile are both contagious and can turn many nasty situations around irrespective of where you are .
You allow yourself to be teased by others and you tease them without hurting their feelings.
Over time, we all learn to find humour in both the positive and negative situations around us. We learn to use humour in a careful and caring way to lighten the tensions. It helps people feel happier. No doubt , humour is an important part of life. I have tried to go back in my past to look for a day when I smiled at someone and he /she never smiled back. It has never happened.
Billy Graham, the renown American evangelist had this to say about Humour:
” A keen sense of humour helps us to unlock the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected and outlast the unbearable.”
Frank .A. Clark said, ” I think the next best thing to solving a problem, is finding some humour in it.”
I think we should all join Keshulam Patel of Alarsin Phamaceuticals of Bombay , India, in his crusade for promoting Yogic Laughter as part of healthy living. He has been at it since the early 1990’s. It will help us all to see the lighter side of things and we will live healthier lives.
By sheer coincidence I wrote and posted this article on April Fools’ Day!


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