Each morning I wake up strong, up and about, I thank God for giving me the gift of time- an opportunity to start afresh and the inherent responsibility to do better than I did yesterday. What happens to me during the day is an extra bonus. I gratefully realise that neither the the final whistle  has been blown nor the curtains brought down on my life. With much energy and optimism, I brace myself for the day determined to give of my best.

I have looked up some quotations and common sayings about time and as expected , there are mountains of them. These are among the commonest:

Time and tide wait for no man

Procrastination is the thief of time

Never wait to do tomorrow what you can do today

There is a time for everything.

All things come to pass

Time is money

Time heals almost everything

Seize the day

Old friends and old wine are the best

There are many of them to pick from depending on the situation you are in.

Over time, I have come to appreciate that we all have 24 hours in a day but the most successful among us make the most of these 24 hours for their own good and for the good of mankind.

I have also found out that there many things that time cannot heal – like the death of a loved one but with time, one just learns to live comfortably with the loss.

Those who are gifted with time , can  right the wrong done where possible. Having been taught by God; letter by letter, line by line and lesson by lesson; they can learn and grow from their mistakes and failures, joys and victories, sorrows and struggles.

Time refines us through our experiences and this explains why it is said that great character is born out of great adversity. We learn most from our worst experiences.

A time comes when you get to know who you really are- self -discovery. You accept and love yourself and become your own hero. You become less confused about life and you are at your best and happiest.

Being ‘you’ and the best you ; is the ultimate gift of undertaking the journey of life. It is a process and can be earned by those gifted with the gift of time.

Some years back , I was thinking  about this gift of time and trying to get a deeper meaning of life and I wrote up this prose poem entitled ‘The Gift of Time’

The Gift of Time. By Jane Nannono (2012)

We all mellow with the years.

Like good wine, we become better people.

Older,wiser and respected.

We have hindsight and know who we really are.

We have found our purpose and meaning in life;

we have learned from our mistakes and grown from our failures.

We are comfortable with ourselves,

we look at things in their true perspective;

no jaundiced views, no tinted glasses, no veils or masks.

We are our own bosses and have learned to say ‘no’.

We have stopped playing along to get along.

We have stopped feeling guilty and only do what we feel is right.

We have learned to forgive and to laugh at ourselves.

We have learned to love ourselves

and unashamedly put ourselves first.

We only do what adds value to ourselves;

what we love and enjoy doing.

Being comfortable with who we are: simply being ourselves.

Al I was trying to say was that time refines all of us through the experiences we go through. Our greatest reward is:becoming better people.

If you are reading this and you are up and about, be thankful that you have been given the most priceless gift of the day: Time. You have been given more time to build on what you did yesterday. Embrace the new  day and give it your all for yourself and for mankind. You will be the richer. Remember to be the best’you’ for God never blesses anyone who wants to be someone else.

Thank you for visiting my Blog and please  keep coming and leaving a comment. Over time, this Blog will be a ‘Double’ currency to the two of us- enriching you the reader and myself the writer.

Have a challenging and rewarding day.

Jane Nannono


2 thoughts on “THE GIFT OF TIME

    1. Thanks ladygm. This blog is as good as yours as it is mine- for we have to learn from one another. If this post has helped you reflect on your life then I am the richer and happier. may it inspire you to grow into a better person who serves her community better.


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